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Reflector themes - human design
Mirror, Community, Right Place, Timing, Sensitivity

Measure and reflect the energy in the community

Wait before making decisions, pay attention (wait 28 days)


Takes time to make choices

Trusting that certainty, truth, and solution are more important than anything else.

Less than 1% Reflectors

Reflecting the health and alignment of the people around them.

Reflectors are a minority—around 1% of the population are Reflector types. Reflectors have all Centers “open” and their chart looks almost “empty.”

Reflectors are fully open to the world and to others. Because there are no defined centers by design, Reflectors take in the energy of everybody else, seeing the world through others eyes, sampling a frequency of energy and reflecting it back to the other.
Reflectors are like a mirror, and the reflection of other people continually change their perception. One instant you may feel extremely emotional while the next moment it’s gone. You may then get all the ideas and a sound sense of knowing where you’re going in life, and then it’s gone again, and so forth. That’s why it’s very essential for you carefully choose your friends and partners; they will have a huge impact on your feelings and experience of yourself.

Reflectors have considerably different life experiences that all of the other Types. So, sometimes they may feel alone and misunderstood. Reflectors can also suffer deep disappointment when having to wait and live through the energy of others.

This type of emotion causes Reflectors to require more attention than most all other people (and Types). Because of this, at times they may feel inadequate and think that they don’t fit anywhere.

The most uncomfortable thing for Reflectors is pressure, especially the pressure to make decisions. For them, it’s the most unnatural thing, because Reflectors don’t necessarily make decisions. They experience a choice or decision over a cycle of the Moon (29 days). It’s not the same as making a decision with the mind. Reflectors have to experience their choice inside of themselves over time. Going through the entire cycle gives them the power to be able to realize solutions and right choices.

Common Traps or Challenges

Reflectors, with their openness and taking in other people’s definition, must wait 29 days before making any major decisions – no matter how certain they feel about something in the moment.

For Reflectors, you have to be in the right geographical location, the place that feels good and like “home” for your life to feel “right.” When you are in the right place, you meet the right people, are part of the right community, and your life feels aligned. Under these circumstances, making decisions can feel easier and less disappointing.
Total openness may make you, at times almost invisible to others. Not knowing the mechanics of your design, you, Reflector may feel deeply disappointed in life. But that very openness grants the potential for a great wisdom and insight into the potential for humanity (and yourself) if you learn how to work with it correctly.

Reflectors often struggle with “merging” in their personal relationships if they don’t understand the nature of their openness and their capacity for deep empathy. Sometimes the life of a Reflector can get “hijacked” by the energy of the people surrounding them, and they can lose their own direction in life.

Consistency is vital for the Reflector. Reflectors need to have people whose aura they know. It is common for Reflectors to have lifelong friends and to even have trouble disentangling themselves from the energy of their parents (their family of origin) simply because Reflectors experience so much inconsistently. The consistency of the people they know makes them feel safe.

Reflectors, because of the length of time it takes for them to have clarity, don’t transition quickly and need time to make major life changes such as leaving home, moving, starting a new job, even getting married.


What Reflectors must know and logically understand is that any kind of pressure they experienced is detrimental to their health. By taking the time to make important decisions and knowing that the time spent on considering their resolves is how their success is completed, they will realize how vital it is to keep from letting anyone pressure them.

Reflectors are lunar beings, tied to the lunar cycle, so their Strategy (and sometimes the challenge) is to wait 29 days before making any major decisions. During the 29 days, Reflectors should talk with different people about decisions. As a Reflector, you need to have people in your life who will serve as your sounding board, not because you need advice (you don’t), but because you need to hear yourself talk about what you are feeling about your choices.

Life for you is an objective experience. As you move through life, discovering the truth of “this isn’t me” over and over again, your openness may be energetically exhausting so it is important to have your own space where you can relax. The same goes concerning rest and sleep. The Reflector has an undefined Sacral; go to bed as soon as you begin to feel tired and if possible, sleep alone.

When centers are open, it doesn’t mean they are broken or empty. Your mind can easily judge your characteristics as something bad or wrong, but Reflectors carry in their being a deep potential to know the possibilities for humanity. This can be a beautiful thing.

Emotional Theme

Reflectors have the capacity to sense, feel, and know the full potential of the people and the communities around them. Their Open-ness gives them deep awareness and wisdom about what is possible for the world. It is disappointing for the Reflector to know what’s possible and see that the world isn’t fulfilling its full potential. Disappointment also comes because the speed of the world and the Reflector’s need for ample time to make clear and good decisions don’t always match.

When a Reflector fails to take their time in deciding and struggles to find their own energy in the midst of the energy that they are experiencing from others, it’s easy for a Reflector to feel pressured into making a choice quickly. (And, of course, collectively we have little patience for people who need time for clarity.)

Consequently, Reflectors can leap into decisions too quickly and then feel disappointed with the long-term consequences of their decisions.

Because of a Reflector’s deep capacity to know and connect with the people they love, they prefer to surround themselves with people they’ve been with for a long time. Many Reflectors also prefer the company of children because the purity of their energy is comforting to Reflectors, who are often disappointed by humanity.


Reflectors need people because they are non-energy beings and depend on the energetic connections that others provide them. But, they also need their alone time so that they may discharge energy that they’ve absorbed through the nine Open Centers.

There are certain things to remember if you are in a relationship with a Reflector as they discharge others’ energy that is in their system.

    • Love them as they are; don’t try to change them, and appreciate their very important role for humanity.
      Reflectors need space, give them the space and time to be themselves.
    • Allow them to manage their energy; don’t pressure or push them.
    • Honor their long decision-making sequences.
    • Let them speak as Reflectors need to hear their issues and feelings reflected back to them through you.
    • Help them recognize when the environment is not healthy for them.
    • Understand that they may need you more than you need them.
    • Know that you will see the truth about yourself through them, be okay with that revelation.
    • Don’t take their disappointments personally; it’s their nature, their emotion.

Reflectors can easily “merge” with the people around them. In relationships, they can easily “match” their partners. It is easy for Reflectors to not realize that they are giving up their own needs and wants because they have lost their energetic connection to themselves and their own needs.

Reflector Children

Reflector children present a unique set of challenges for parents. Raising a Reflector requires patience, love, and an awareness that your Reflector child may need more attention and energy that your other children.

The first thing Reflector children need is consistency. Because so much of the Reflector experience is variable, the consistency of the auras of friends, loved ones, and caregivers is vital. They need to know who they can trust, who will be steady and unchanging in the changing energy experience of the Reflector.

This need for consistency can make the Reflector child appear to be “clingy” or “needy.” Reflector children need consistent caregivers and very few major life changes, especially at the beginning of their lives.

Transitions and change can be very hard for the Reflector child; they need more time than most children to adjust to change. Cataclysmic changes (for instance, divorce) can leave a Reflector child reeling for a long time. Managing change is easier for the Reflector child if you are patient and understanding. Also, do your best to establish a new foundation in their lives as quickly as possible.

If you are a person who struggles with consistency and routine, it may deeply impact your Reflector child. Setting routines and sticking to them helps the Reflector child feel safe and stable.

Reflector children are deeply emotionally sensitive and can often react to major events that happen on the planet. One Reflector child I know who lived in Boston had a very emotional breakdown a day before the Boston Marathon bombing and was inconsolable for more than a week. Sometimes Reflector children benefit from getting energy work by skilled practitioners to help the release the energy that they hold in their bodies.

Reflector children need to feel good in their space. They need their own room and where they live needs to feel right for them. Reflector children, once they are seven or older (when the aura is mature), fare better sleeping in their own room, away from others. This gives their energy field time to decompress and release the energy of others.

Because Reflectors have an open Sacral Center, some Reflector children will struggle with hard physical chores. The best way to help a Reflector get things done is to do it with them. This can sometimes even be true for homework and other activities.

Finally, Reflector children talk a lot and need to talk to know what they’re thinking and feeling. As a parent of a Reflector, you need to allow your child the freedom to dump out their thoughts and resist the urge to give them advice or guidance unless they ask you. They’re not asking for guidance. They are simply talking to get clarity. If you give them guidance without being asked, it will trigger their own tendency towards feeling inadequate, or they will feel controlled.

Like the Projector and Manifestor types, Reflectors do not have “sustainable energy.” Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have that type of energy. So, with Reflectors, they are not wired to “work” a typical job sustainably, which may be an issue in relationships and in earning a living.

While Reflectors can amplify a lot of power and seemingly have a lot of intense energy, they cannot sustain that energy over time. They need cycles of rest and renewal like all open Sacral Types.

Their need to talk and their need to take time to make good choices can sometimes cause them pain in the workplace. Once they are recognized for their empathy and the awareness they bring to the workplace, they can assume their right role of reflecting the health of the business and serve as the powerful barometers that they are.

Reflectors in the workplace can be visionaries and can express the potential of the business as they carry the awareness of what’s possible in their energy field.

There are three main factors to staying healthy if you are a Reflector.
You need to be in an environment that feels good to you, and the people in your environment need to be healthy. Because you are so sensitive to others and the experience of others, if you are in an environment where people aren’t making healthy choices, that will deeply impact you.

You need good sleep and rest. Like all non-Sacral Types, Reflectors sleep best alone and need to be in the energy of their own aura at night to stay vital and to replenish their energy. Reflectors need to be in bed before they are tired and rest in a prone position until they fall asleep.

You need to take your time to make the decisions that are right for you. If you feel pressured to decide before you’re ready, it may end up being the wrong choice and the pressure and struggle to try to feel “right” about the decision can deeply impact your physical and emotional health.


Much like with health, so much of the Reflector experience with wealth depends on the environment in which they surround themselves. Your ability to create wealth and be in the flow of abundance will be influenced deeply by the people with whom you associate and where you live your life. You need to be in an environment that offers you the wealth of abundant energy.

A Reflector can make more money and create a strong financial foundation when they take their time to make good choices. Fast-paced money-making strategies don’t always play out well for the Reflector because they need time to make good choices. Take your time and invest in opportunities that afford you the time to wait to be clear before you must invest.

Because Reflectors are non-Sacral beings, meaning they need to consciously save and create a financial cushion for themselves to support them when they need a cycle of rest in their life. Starting young with a powerful saving strategy benefits the Reflector the most.

Spiritual Themes

Reflectors are here to be our Karmic Mirrors. Their life experience and their reflection to us reveals where we are in our evolutionary process. The Reflectors in our lives show us how close we are to fulfilling our potential and let us know the emotional maturity and alignment we are experiencing by living it and demonstrating it in their own reflected experience.

The heart of the Reflector carries within it the potential for our optimal evolution and the story of what else is possible for humanity.

Famous Reflectors include Sandra Bullock, Uri Geller and Roslyn Carter.

Affirmations for the Reflector:

I am a karmic mirror. Through my experience and my expression of the energy around me I reflect back to others their potential and their misalignment. Through my reflection, others can see what they need to bring back into alignment to fulfill their path. I understand the depth of the potential of possibility for humanity. I know that it is not my job to fix the world but to simply mirror back the current energies. I trust in Divine timing and I know that with time, the potential of the world will be fulfilled. I am patient and honoring of myself. I give myself the time I need to make right choices and to place myself in the right location with the right people. I trust my inner sense of feeling at “home” in the place where I belong and I stay aligned with where I feel most at home.

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