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Your Human Design chart represents the “outline” of your life story. Your Human Design Type is the role of the main character in your story. Your Profile represents some of your vital character traits. The Centers tells you how you interface with others, what gifts you bring and what you are designed to receive in your relationships.

The next part of your story, represented by the planets and the Gates in your chart, are going to tell you about the “curriculum” of your life, what you’re here to master, predominant themes you’ll encounter as you grow and mature and how these core traits set up the main challenges that your character has to master in order to step into the mature and wise expression of your story.

The Gates represent more subtle personality traits that make you who you are. The themes of the Gates are derived from the 64 Hexagrams from the Chinese I’Ching. Think of them as a modern interpretation of ancient archetypes that have been a source of contemplation and study for more than 2000 years.

Each Gate is highlighted by a planet. Each planet also has its own archetypal themes rooted in traditional astrology. As the planets move around the sun they shine their theme on each of the 64 Gates, creating a combination of energies that represent an essential part of your life and soul curriculum.

At the moment of your birth, the planetary positions (called the “conscious” part of your chart) and the Gates they highlighted are “locked” into place adding the black colored definition (filled in parts) to your chart.

Three months prior to your birth (approximately 88 Astrological degrees) the red planetary positions (called the “unconscious” part of your chart) and the Gates they highlighted are “locked” into place, adding the red colored (filled in parts) to your chart.

The black numbers and Gates represent the curriculum for your Soul’s Purpose in this life. The red numbers and Gates represent the curriculum for your Life Purpose in this lifetime. The combination of both represent your life lessons and challenges and make you who you are in your life story.

How you experience the energy of each Gate in your chart will be influenced by the
planet that is highlighting it. On your chart, each planet is demarcated by a little symbol that corresponds to its name [maybe put in a chart with this info?]. You can find these symbols along the right and left hand sides of your Human Design chart. Each Gate number is to the right of the symbol.

Understanding the planetary placement of each of the Gates can help illuminate the theme of the Gate that gets expressed. This section will help you add in lots of extra details to the story of who you are and why you’re here.

I recommend reading through this section about the planets in conjunction with the Gate descriptions from Chapter 6 to get a clearer picture of how these planetary themes play out for your unique chart. You’ll get an idea of how to weave these pieces of information together through the examples I provide for each of the planetary aspects and, ultimately, you’ll be using these combinations of planetary theme and Gate theme in crafting your unique story in the Life Purpose Template at the end of this book.


The Sun represents what you’re here to give the world through your life. It’s what you’re here to express and transmit. The Sun is a powerful energy and the Gates in your Sun are typically regarded as the most important (especially the Conscious, or black, Sun Gate).

Example: The Sun in Gate 39, The Gate of Provocation = You are here to use your provocative nature to help people restore their sense of abundance.


The Earth energy is what you need to be stable and grounded. These energies give you stability. They also launch you into the expression of our Sun energies. Make sure your Earth energies are met so you can share the gifts of your Sun! Example: The Earth in Gate 16, The Gate of Skills = You need to have ample opportunity to experiment and explore what makes you excited in life in order to be able to fulfill the purpose of the Sun position in your chart.


The Gates in your Moon are your driver energies. They are what give drive you to express the other energies in your chart. In other wor do. They offer additional detail for how you’ll implement the purpose that you see in your Sun and your Earth.

Example: The Moon in Gate 29, The Gate of Perseverance = You’re driven by your perseverance and your commitments in life, especially those that you’ve entered into via your Strategy and Authority. If you are unsure what to commit to or you’ve committed to the wrong thing, you may find that you lose your motivation and drive.

South Node & North Node

The South Node is the theme you’re mastering in the first half of your life, until about age 40, when the planet Uranus is directly opposite on the Astrological wheel, the position it was in at the moment of your birth. This is considered by many astrologers to be the “mid-life” in your life story where you mature your life purpose theme. We move from the South Node theme, which represents the theme of your youth, to your North Node theme, the theme of your mature self at this time. When you look at these energies ogether they will tell you a lot about the plot outline of the story of your life: what you’re here to learn and master and then how you live out the mature expression of your chart. Example: The South Node in Gate 57, The Gate of Intuition, and The North Node in Gate 43, The Gate of Insight = You’re meant to master your intuitive knowing in the Now and release any self-doubt and/or fear of the future. As you mature, you’ll use this intuitive knowing to determine the right timing for sharing new, empowered insights.


Mercury is the planet that tells you all about communication. It outlines what you’re herecto talk about, what you need to be able to communicate, and how you’re here to communicate it. If you are in sales or any communication field, this is an important energy to look at to help you find the consistent theme you’re here to explore and share with the world. Example: Mercury in Gate 8, The Gate of Contribution = You’re here to communicate with authenticity in order to bring about change, but only when recognized to do so.


Venus is where you carry your values. This, along with Mars, is also where you can find the energy you’re attracted to in your relationships, both romantic and otherwise. Example: Venus in Gate 32, The Gate of Continuity = You value knowing what’s valuable in life and are attracted to people who can see the value in you and your ideas (and vice versa).


The Gates in your Mars are another area where you’ll find lessons you are designed to master in your youth (like the South Node), but these are typically more challenging energies that support you fulfilling your South Node theme. And, as mentioned above, Mars also carries energies for attraction in relationships. Example: Mars in Gate 38, The Gate of The Fighter = Your early life is marked by struggles in mastering what’s worth fighting for as you seek purpose and meaning in your life. You’re attracted to people who fight for what is meaningful to them.


Jupiter represents the energy of blessings and rewards. It tells you about your pathway to your blessings and what you need to share with the world to receive these blessings. It also works in conjunction with Saturn, as I’ll detail below. Example: Jupiter in Gate 61, the Gate of Mystery = Your blessings arrive as a knowingness that transcends logic as well as the right timing and people with which to share this, often transformative, knowingness.


Saturn is your learning energy. Through the challenges that Saturn brings you, you are tested, pushed, and matured. Saturn is also associated with life cycles, like the Nodes, and these occur every 30 years or so beginning in your early 30s. When these times occur your Saturn challenge will be on the front burner and at the forefront of your awareness. The purpose of Saturn is to burn away anything keeps you from fulfilling your purpose. You must master the challenges of Saturn to live the full expression of who you are. And when you master these energies, you deepen your connection with your Jupiter blessings. So in this way your Saturn shows you the pathway and what must be mastered in order to receive your blessings. Example: Saturn in Gate 28, The Gate of Struggle = One of your biggest teachers in life will arrive in the form of challenges or struggles that help you ascertain the meaning of life and to discover what is really worth fighting for. When you master this energy you’ll learn to embrace and even find joy the challenges in life.


This planet shows us where we can be a little strange, different, or unique. Your Uranus placement represents an area of our life where we grow through encountering the unexpected. This energy helps teach us about faith. Because this energy is generational, it also can be where we see shifts in structures, infrastructures, and growth in our generation. It is a theme that helps you define what your generation is wrestling with in order to fulfill the full expression of the human story and to evolve. Example: Uranus in Gate 36, The Gate of Crisis = You are unique in your desires and drive for new, different experiences that help you grow. Your generation is learning to wait for the right timing to act on its desires.


The Gates highlighted by Neptune tell you what your spiritual purpose and what you need to deepen your spiritual connection. This energy can often feel hard to connect with and can seem “veiled” or intangible in nature. Neptune helps you understand what to do to stay spiritually connected. Example: Neptune in Gate 51, The Gate of Shock = You use the shocking or unexpected events of your life (or other people’s lives) to help you transform your relationship with Spirit and your spiritual path. Through these catalytic events you connect more deeply with Source.


Pluto is an energy that grows and expands following the shake up of the Uranus energies. It often follows a life, death and rebirth cycle. Example: Pluto in Gate 46 the Gate of the Love of Body = As I grow and change, my experience of being in a body and embodiment also changes. My experience of being a Soul in a body matures as I go through the cycles of my life.


Although Chiron is not technically a planet (it’s a planetoid discovered in 1978), I have found that understanding the Gates of your Chiron can help you deepen your awareness of what you need to master in your personal narrative in order to deepen your life purpose. Because it’s not a planet, it won’t show up colored in on your chart and some chart creation programs don’t include it. If you want a copy of your chart that includes your Chiron placement go to

Chiron is a theme that will keep repeating itself in your life every time you come to a new level of awareness and expression of yourself. (New level, same devil…so to speak!) It also has a maturing cycle around the age 50 (which is especially important for 6 th Line profiles as mentioned in Chapter 3).

It is a life purpose deepening energy. Once you’ve done it all, tried it all, and experienced it all, the theme of Chiron comes in to say “Now what are you going to do with all that?” Anything that stands in the way of your fulfilling your life purpose will come up during your Chiron cycle.

Example: Chiron in Gate 21, The Gate of The Treasurer = Your relationship with your material things and your money will continue to be at the forefront of your growth over time. As you master your need to control things and others, you and your other gifts become a valuable resource to others.

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