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Initiator, Innovative, Empowering, Powerhouse, Provoking

Lead change by initiating others into action

Inform those who will be impacted by your actions


Start and leverage something for passive revenue

Lack of sustainable energy, moves faster than others,
accessing the right kind of support

8% Manifestors

Initiate action from ideas and from their own inner creative flow

Manifestors are a minority – around eight percent of all people. If you are a Manifestor, you have an Open Sacral Center and a defined Channel that connects either the Will Center, the Emotional Solar Plexus, or the Root Center to the Throat Center.

You are the only Type designed to initiate action. You are the one who gets the ball rolling, the one who makes things happen. All of the other types have to wait before they can take action.

With the sense of knowing right-timing, it’s unnecessary for you to wait for outside confirmation before taking action. In spite of this ability to self-initiate, many Manifestors have their own personal way of interacting with the flow of life and wait for signs in their outer world to tell them that the timing is right to act.

Manifestors are powerful creative beings. As a Manifestor, you have an internal, non-verbal creative flow that moves quickly when the timing is correct. This creative flow is so fast that you often don’t have time to put words to it. That means when you intuitively sense that the timing is right for you to act, you can just get up and get to it.

Your energy field carries with it the power to initiate others into action. When people are in your energy, they are often unconsciously poised, meaning they are ready to leap and get things going. Because of this frequency of energy, people pay attention to you and are always waiting to see what you do next.

As soon as you take action, other people usually notice and will often interrupt your creative flow. They ask you if you need help or want to know what you’re doing. They’re not interrupting you because they are trying to stop you. Rather, it’s just that they sense that something is about to happen and they feel the need to be a part of it (or to be ready for what’s next).

This interruption and these questions can be very difficult for your Manifestor energy. Remember, you have an internal, non-verbal creative flow that you are following. It’s an inner, gut-level sense of flow. When you have to stop that flow to find the words to explain to someone what you’re doing or that you don’t need help, it’s often hard to find your creative flow in the same way again. When you don’t understand how your energy works, it’s easy to react with anger towards other; other people can also become angry with you because they feel that you aren’t involving them (or sometimes being considerate of them) when they don’t know what you’re doing.

As a way of dealing with your energy, others may want to help you. This is their need to feel useful, but it’s not your obligation to fulfill this need. You may find that if you are trying to keep others happy to avoid the anger or attempt to control you that you may have often experienced in your life. You may have developed elaborate strategies to secretly do what you want to do without the interference of others. Not being upfront and honest, as hard as it can be, uses up a lot of energy and can make you feel exhausted whenever you feel like you have to deal with people.

The truth is that you could be done with what you’re doing in the time it can take to find the right words and try to explain to someone what you’re doing. But you’ll lose your speed if you don’t stop and inform the people around you what you’re going to do next.

The trick for you, if you’re a Manifestor, is learning to honor your own inner creative flow and letting the people who will be impacted by your actions know what you’re doing. Informing is NOT asking permission. You’re not here to ask people for permission.

Learning to honor your creative flow, informing others, and not letting other people’s discomfort with your choices is often the greatest place of learning for Manifestors.

Common Traps or Challenges

Working regular “9-5 hours” or more is very difficult and unnatural for the Manifestor. As a Manifestor, you need to be very conscious about structuring your business around your energy because you don’t have sustainable energy for work.

Manifestors don’t usually make good team players and tend to want to do everything themselves. Delegating can be hard for the Manifestor because it feels “faster” to do it yourself; finding the words for your creative flow slows you down and feels unnatural.

Manifestors have a unique energy that makes it easier for them to get things started. Sometimes, when you’re a Manifestor, it’s easy to lose your patience with other people who simply are not hard-wired the way you are. It can also be difficult, once you get something started, to follow-through with the energy to bring it to completion or to manage your creation on a day to day level. Remember, you’re an initiator, not necessarily a “do-er.”

Manifestors do NOT have sustainable life and work force energy, which is why most are not particularly good at seeing a project or fulfilling an idea to its end. Manifestors are not designed to finish the sustained implementation of ideas and projects. The follow-through and maintenance tasks are not in their Type. Theirs is a creative and initiating energy. They originate opportunities and move on to create the next.

Manifestors give the rest of us reasons to respond—you are like the cue ball on a pool table, bumping into the other balls and causing them to move.


If you are a Manifestor, it’s correct for you to start things, not necessarily implement the details or finish the projects. You must learn to delegate and/or move on when it feels correct to do so.

If you’re feeling stuck or “shut down,” start initiating more in your life. It’s okay to start with small tasks and projects to rebuild that “initiating muscle.” After all, it may have been suppressed for most (or all) of your life.

You’ll feel MUCH better when you are behaving the way you are designed to behave. And you’ll have more energy…

Remember to inform people who may be impacted by your actions before you act. It takes courage to do this; it will take time for it to become a habit but will be worth it. Your relationships and even your health and wellness will improve because of it. It will also minimize the amount of anger and resistance that you experience from others.

Keep in mind that informing is NOT asking for permission, so don’t be afraid of others saying no or trying to stop you. You can still do as intended, but it’ll be wise to take other’s views into consideration if you can…there’s nothing wrong with a second opinion!

Recognize the impact you have on people around you. You have a very strong and powerful aura. Others will usually feel your presence when you enter a room. Some Manifestors are surprised to learn this about themselves, but the people around them know it to be true.

Trust what ‘feels’ right to you (not just what your brain-based analysis tells you). Manage your energy and take breaks when needed; don’t try to keep up with the sustainable energy of Generators and Manifesting Generators. It’s MUCH easier to avoid burnout than to recover from it!

Manifestors can initiate action and opportunity without waiting. Manifestors are energy beings that possess tremendous initiating power, but they have to use their power carefully or risk angering others.

Their purpose in life is to create action for a reaction. If a Manifestor decides to start a business, for example, all they have to do is decide on the right timing and then just do it. All of the other types should wait before they can take action.

Although most of us think we would love to be Manifestors, being a Manifestor can have its own challenges. Many Manifestors have struggled to learn to use their power appropriately and may be conditioned to hide their power (or suppress it entirely).

Manifestors must learn how to channel their energy properly, or they will face tremendous resistance in life. Properly channeled Manifestor energy often gives the other four Types ideas for projects for responding.

Without informing, you will get resistance every step of the way. That’s why many Manifestors (already starting in their childhood) resign after being punished repeatedly by parents, teachers, and others who don’t understand the power of the Manifestor.

When Manifestors give up their manifesting powers, they surrender to going through life just getting by. They may feel ignored or like they’ve been run over by a truck. The last thing they would want to do is to inform others. Everybody else is in their way all the time, so the idea of making it easier for others by informing is unacceptable. Yet it’s the only way out of the circle of control and resistance. (While still living with parents, Manifestors’ strategy is actually different – they need to ask for permission.)

Emotional Theme

The emotional theme of Manifestors is anger. Anger often happens when people inadvertently slow you down, try to “help” you or tell you can’t do something. Not having the skills to manage anger properly can sometimes be destructive.

Manifestors often struggle with knowing when enough is enough. If you’re a Manifestor, it’s important to gauge what you’re doing and make sure you’re not frying everyone else’s energy causing them to burn out. If you are, that doesn’t mean that you should stop what you’re doing, but be aware that sometimes this may trigger anger in others.

On an energy level, you have quite the impression on others, but your aura doesn’t communicate as much as the auras of other types. Because of this, others are not sure how to accept you, which is why communication is so important. Inform those in your circle of influence. This is how to release the tension others may feel about you. By bringing them into the conversation, they may help you and put their energy into whatever it is that you have initiated. At that point, you will find what you’ve been seeking, completion of your creative inspiration.


If You LOVE a Manifestor, see that you don’t take their anger personally; understand that it’s part of their process.

Accept that they may not “need” you in the way you need them and that it’s nothing against you. They are designed to act on their own, but they can engage and inspire people when “in tune” with those around them, particularly when keeping them informed of their dreams and plans.

Don’t interrupt them when they’re in their “groove” of figuring things out and getting things done. They’re not ignoring you—they are simply completely engaged in their own internal process.

Keep them informed about YOUR actions, and make it easy for them to inform you… without fear of recrimination or rejection.

Respect their privacy; don’t ask or pry. They may not always be able to articulate what’s going on their mind.

Trust them in their role of initiating action and giving others things to which they may respond–-that’s what they’re here to do!

Don’t judge or criticize when they start then stop projects. Trying is often the only way they can know if something is correct for them. Instead, allow them their own consequences—they usually don’t want to be “helped” unless they’ve asked for help.

Manifestor Children

One of the hardest things to do when you are a parent of a Manifestor is to let them go and to allow them to discover their own inner creative flow. It’s ironic that most parents of Manifestors want to hold them back. This isn’t because as the parent of a Manifestor that you want to control or harm your child. It’s just that the aura of a Manifestor energetically sends the message that this is a child who follows a different set of rules, who isn’t necessarily going to follow the rules, and who is often quite proficient, effective, and taking care of themselves.

Here are a few things that Manifestor children need:

    • The freedom to follow their creative input.
    • To be informed and to learn to inform.
    • Downtime and regular rest.
    • To learn when enough is enough.

The natural response of parents is to want to hold tight, keep this creative force from going out into the world and getting hurt, or stop the child from taking big risks. The challenge for parents of Manifestors is learning to trust your child’s inner creative instincts and wisdom while helping your child to grow as well as thrive.

Manifestor children need a lot of freedom to experiment and explore. In addition, they also need downtime, often away from others, to restore and nourish their own energy. They also need to be carefully informed about plans and what to expect so that they can flow along with the rest of the family.


The design of Manifestors can very much affect relationships as well as work and life choices.

Manifestors CAN and DO have jobs or businesses and raise families, but they may burnout around age 50 (or before) if they continue attempting to accomplish too much, especially if pushing themselves to keep up with the 70% of the population who do have consistent Sacral energy.

Manifestors don’t “need” people the way other Types need people, which affects how they operate within relationships. The biggest challenge (and a key piece of their Strategy for success in life) is INFORMING those who are affected by their actions before acting.

More so than other Types, Manifestors don’t like being told what to do. If they feel obligated to ask permission to do something or feel manipulated in any way, they may become overtly defiant and angry towards or feel repressed by others, turning those feelings inward and creating anxiety, depression, or even illness.


For Manifestors to stay healthy, they need to be powerful. If you have not been using your power, or if you’ve shut yourself off from your Manifestor energy, your energy doesn’t go away. It ricochets inside in your body either burning you out, sometimes creating depression and anxiety.

If you have a lifetime of using your power without informing others, if you have fought and struggled to keep people out of your way so that you can do what you feel like you need to do, then you may also experience burnout.

Most Manifestors burn out around the age of 50 if they haven’t been using their energy properly. Burnout can come from not knowing when enough is enough, pushing without the balance of rest, trying to work in ways that are not in alignment with your energy, and denying your own power. If you’re burned out, the number one priority in your life is healing the burnout. Often that means stopping everything in your life and catching up on the rest you need to restore and recharge your energy and your body.

Getting good healthy sleep is of particular importance for Manifestors, and to do so, you need to lie down before you feel tired. You can read or watch a movie for a while before you fall asleep, but lying in a horizontal position. Being flat in a horizontal position allows you to release the energy that you’ve taken in during the day and helps your body discharge excess energy.

If possible, sleep alone, not in range of other people’s aura. If you can do this, you will feel the difference in the morning. If you share a house or live in an apartment, remember that there may be a neighbor above or behind the wall where you are sleeping. If you’re closer than your two arm-lengths, you are still in each other’s aura.

You’ll sleep better if you can reposition your bed to be as far away from the energy of others as possible.


Passive revenue streams or ways of making money via investments versus labor are important for Manifestors. If you are a young Manifestor, start early saving and investing your money.

Spiritual Themes

Manifestors have powerful auras and have an energetic impact on those around them. That impact can be positive and pull people in, or it can repel people.

They have a much easier time of “making things happen” in the world than any of the other Types, if they are living true to their Type.

The Manifestor is tuned into the flow of creation in the world. They are energetic messengers, designed to take actions that initiation a flow of Divine Inspiration on the planet.

If you’re a Manifestor, you have a powerful role in changing the world. You may have, at various times in your life, wondered if you had a purpose or a reason to be here. The more connected you are to your own spiritual practice, the more aligned you will feel with the purpose and the greater service you will offer the world – in the way that’s right for you.

Some famous Manifestors include Al Gore, George W. Bush, Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon and Richard Burton, Vladamir Putin.

Affirmations for the Manifestor:

I am a powerful creative force. I trust my own inner sense of timing to take action on my creative intentions. I follow my creative flow and inform those who may be impacted by my actions so that they can support me and clear the path for me to do what I need to do. I recognize my value and know that when I follow my creative flow I am not only bringing something new into the world, I am initiating others into new possibilities. I value the unique role that only I can play. I honor my power and commit myself to nurturing my energy so that I can act with great power when the timing is correct. I am a transformational force and my actions change the world.

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