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Generator - Human Design Type

There are two types of Generators: Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators. About 70% of us are Generators (either of these two Types). Pure and Manifesting Generators have defined Sacral Centers that allow them the gift to create the work of the world.

The Generator

Respond, Right Work, Family, Mastery, Here to Build

Respond, then act


Mastery over time

Finding right work, frustration and quitting, patience and waiting, trusting their inner response (Sacral)

35% Generators

To do the work of the world and to find mastery in their work

Generators play the part of patient seekers who become fully activated in their life purpose when they learn to respond to what the world brings them instead of trying to “figure out” with their minds what they should be doing. The Generators have the potential to be Masters of what they respond to do and to create.

Generators know they hold this energy. If you’re a Generator Type, you often feel frustrated because you can sense deep inside of yourself that you’re here to do something that fulfills your full potential. As a Generator, you’re trained by the world to use your thinking and the power of your mind to set your path to mastery. The truth for Generators is that the path is revealed to you by the world outside of yourself; it takes faith and the understanding of how to connect with that path correctly to align yourself with your destiny and the ultimate fulfillment of your potential.

In other words, if you’re a Generator Type, you can’t simply follow your ideas. You have to wait for something outside of yourself to confirm that:

    • Your idea IS actually the right idea for you.
    • The timing is now right to take action on your idea.


The Generator Strategy is to wait to respond. This is a simple, although often confusing aspect for the Generator. “Wait to respond” simply means that even if you have an incredibly inspiring insight, thought, or idea, you need to wait for confirmation in your outer world before you take action.

Confirmation in your outside world can be someone saying something to you, a “sign” from the Universe, or some kind of physical initiation that comes from outside of your mind. Once you get the “sign” or something to which you know you should respond, as a Generator Type, you can then act on the inspirations that feel good and right.

As a Generator, in order to find your path, you have to learn how to use your energy correctly. Generator Types are the only Types who have a defined Sacral Motor. The Sacral Motor is the source of a direction-giving, non-verbal, gut-level vibration that tells you what feels right and what doesn’t.

You may experience the Sacral response as a “gut feeling”, and you can connect with it even more deeply when you express that gut-feeling with a non-verbal sound. The “Sacral Sound” sounds like “uh-huh” for a “yes” and “un-uhn” for a “no.” Most Generators naturally make these sounds, but are often taught that they are rude or to “use our words instead.” When you watch Generator children, you’ll notice that they are grunting, humming, sound-based beings. When you lose touch with the power of these sounds, you lose touch with your special inner compass that is designed to signal you to show you which direction is yours to follow.

This Sacral Sound is the sound of your inner intuition, the vibrational alignment with your correct direction in life. It is that direction that will take you to the next step in the unfolding of your mastery. The Sacral is truth; it cannot lie.

The Sacral Center is a source of sustainable energy. All of the motors in the Human Design System, except for the Sacral, have wave-like, inconsistent qualities, but the Sacral keeps going and going. It is energy for work and life force. It’s about providing the resources, education, children, taking care of the family, the tribe, and the community. It’s about work in every way and doing it all sustainably.

Generators have two primary focuses in life: work and family. As a Generator, you will feel most fulfilled when you are pursuing either of these two focuses or both.

For Generators, life is about RESPONSE. Instead of chasing after an imitation life, Generators must be patient and allow an authentic life to appear. The goal of a Generator is to discover, pursue, and dedicate their life to what they love.

Common Traps and Challenges

Most Generators have been taught to bypass their own inner wisdom and to adopt a “just do it” attitude about the things they think they “should” be doing. Generators may find it difficult to refrain from “just doing it” because it requires ignoring old programming and old ideas about hard work, success, and money. It can feel scary or irresponsible to follow your gut (your inner wisdom) and forego the programming of your mind.

Because Generators are energy beings, they have the energy to work, even at jobs they hate. Sadly, many Generators do this for their entire lives. When a Generator is simply working, but not working at a job they responded to, they fail to tap into the full expression of their potential and the vital Life Force energy that turns on when they respond to doing the work that feels right. When a Generator responds in the manner of haste, then frustration and burnout eventually ensue. It’s not until Generators are patient and withhold pursuing what they “think” they should be doing and let their life path unfold in front of them that the energy appears. In essence, it’s like waiting for a “sign” or a signal that the timing must be right before acting.

When a Generator waits, they create a magical force that attracts everyone to them. When a Generator waits, others come over and ask them. When a Generator waits, they create an energy that will continue to grow until a true purpose appears.

Every Generator has a fear that if they do nothing, then no one will ask them anything. But every Generator who has the courage to wait, soon sees that fear is unfounded.

When a Generator waits and steps into their full purpose and potential, they wake up to the vitality and a joy that they’ve been waiting for their whole lives.

Emotional Theme

The uh-huh and the un-unh sounds turn on the Sacral Motor. That’s your truth. This sound-based gut feeling is unique to the Generators. The “gut” is the source of the truth. You must ask questions of yourself and monitor your gut response with the uh-huh and un-unh. When you aren’t responding and trying to force things into creation, you will most likely experience frustration. The Sacral is a tremendous energy generator that provides all energy. Sacral energy is enough to do all things when you follow that gut pulse. Generators who don’t respond to the energy end up deeply frustrated. It’s imperative to remain patient and recognize the presence of the energy when it appears. The power of the defined Sacral Center will lead the way to one’s true life purpose. Trust your inner response (Sacral). The Sacral Center provides Generators with a virtually inexhaustible source of energy. Generators can find themselves being confined to work they hate, feeling the drudgery of routine without joy, lost in unproductive labor, feeling there is something missing, knowing they may have made a mistake—and not knowing how to get out of it unless they quit. Ultimately, they will burn out or live life at a level of compromise, which will create more and more frustration, or simply have a life of quiet despair. There is a second source of natural frustration for the Generator, too. Generators have a “stair-step” learning curve. It is normal that once a Generator responds to a new opportunity that there will be a surge in mastery. It feels good to be doing or learning something new, and Generators can learn quickly. But, eventually, all Generators hit a plateau. It can feel like you’re “stuck” and that nothing is happening. Being on plateaus is normal for Generators, and it is a phase of learning, energy integration, and growth. The plateau can be dangerous for the Generator who doesn’t understand their unique energy. The tendency for many Generators is to quit when they are on the plateau, failing to recognize that the plateau is simply a normal part of the Generator process. When you understand that it is crucial to wait for the next thing to respond to when you are on the plateau, you are present then ready when the next step to your growth and mastery shows up. Frustration is simply a sign that you are getting ready for something new. But, if you quit instead of wait, as many Generators do, you may miss the next true opportunity for your growth and mastery. Instead, you spend a lifetime of starting and quitting and starting and quitting, never getting to be masterful at what you are really created to do.


Trust your relationship with a Generator. Allow the Generator the time to wait for things that will prompt a response; the Generator also needs the freedom to honor and follow their responses… even if their responses “appear” to not be logical. The most respectful—and helpful—way that you can interact with a Generator is to ask them Yes/No questions. This allows them a clear opportunity for their Sacral Center to respond and give them guidance. Don’t take their frustration/anger/impatience personally. Recognize that it’s part of their process, and when you support them in being true to their Generator nature, you’ll help them minimize all of the things that are distractions to them and confusing to you. Understand that it is correct for them to wait for their inner guidance before they take action. Once this energy difference in your relationship is truly understood and respected, you’ll both be happier. Most of all, enjoy the ride!

Generator Children

Generator children need to learn about their own inner compass and their Sacral energy. It is vital for Generator children to learn to respond. Yes/No question games that help them respond with the Sacral sounds are fun, enlivening and vital to helping Generator children stay connected to their own inner truth. They need to

• Explore & engage in activities.
• Learn in a self-paced environment.
• Engage in daily exercise and physical activity.
• Learn to trust their Sacral response by being allowed to respond appropriately

Generator children need to move and groove. They need a lot of physical activity to wear them out and promote good sleep every day. Too much time sitting and lack of movement can cause Generator children to have challenges with sleep and even health. Turn off the computers, don’t overdo the homework and after-school activities and help your Generator child get moving. Your whole family will benefit!!


Generators are the great Workers of the World. They are often performing relentless work they hate, tolerating a lifetime of labor while waiting for the sacral energy to reveal their life’s goal.

The one true purpose is for Generators to be patient, to trust their tremendous energy and power to fulfill their purpose of not only finding, but also becoming masterful at their “right work.” When

Generators are doing their “right work” – the work that feels satisfying and juicy – then they not only feel good, they are adding to the wholeness and abundance of the world.

SATISFACTION is a keyword for Generators; it’s all about tapping into sacral energies that open the door to the satisfaction of work and family. Your Sacral response will take you to where you can experience the greatest satisfaction, vitality, and joy.


Your brain will often work hard to figure out the right answers, but that is NOT where YOU want to be making your decisions and choices. That’s what your Sacral responses are intended to do. Generators who have not tuned into their Sacral motor for a lifetime are vulnerable to burnout. Not being true to your energy and trying to do something that doesn’t satisfy you can make you exhausted.

Here are some ways that Generators can lose energy or burnout:

    • Not loving work or environment.
    • Sedentary lifestyle.
    • Not following their Sacral guidance.
    • Over-exerting themselves & not recharging their energy.
    • Feeling frustrated and impatient when results aren’t quickly realized

Generators have their own inner guidance system (Sacral) that can tell them what they need to do for health and wellness. They need to respond to what’s healthy. It has to feel right and aligned with their Sacral to commit to a health and wellness routine.

As energy beings, Generators need a lot of movement and exercise to burn off excess energy. Generators who are struggling with insomnia or poor-quality sleep can benefit from more physical activity.


The wealth theme of the Generator is to become masterful at whatever makes them respond. But, for Generators, recognizing when to respond and when to remain dormant is their greatest challenge.

Most Generators get frustrated when they hit their plateau of inertia and many quit before they surge in mastery; this denies them the blessing and opportunity of experiencing whatever it is they are here to build in the world. To align with true abundance, the Generators must learn to wait and manage frustration in healthy and dynamic ways so to be ready to master life’s purpose.

The Generator Types can work to make money and even work hard to make money provided that the work they are doing is work that to which they have responded positively with their Sacral motors. The more they love their work and their masterful contribution, the easier it becomes for them to create and maintain wealth. Frustrated and burned out Generators can often overspend their funds as a way of overcompensating for their frustration.

Patience and passion are the keys to building true wealth for the Generator.

Spiritual Themes

A Generator will wait to respond in a world that’s been taught to pursue arbitrary opportunities. By this nature, it’s imperative that Generators be patient and wait to see what the Universe delivers to them. Only then, when the right thing shows up – the thing that feels right – follow that feeling, respond, and take right action. The goal of the Generator is to achieve mastery. Generators cannot achieve mastery if they’re leaping into things that don’t feel right because they are afraid to trust in the natural unfolding of their life and the abundance of the Universe. It is the Generator’s job to take inspiration and give it form through creative work. The Generators build the manifested form of Cosmic Order, and when they follow their Sacral impulses, they are led to their right place and their right destiny in the world. The spiritual challenge of the Generator is to trust the unfolding of Divine Order and their place in it by trusting the inner wisdom of their Sacral impulse. Famous Pure Generators: Albert Einstein, Dalai Lama, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep, John Lennon, Madonna, James Dean, Vladimir Lenin, Carl Jung, Timothy Leary, Oprah Winfrey, Meg Ryan, Greta Garbo, Margaret Thatcher, Deepak Chopra, Jay Z, Kim Kardashian.

Affirmations for the Generator:

My life gives me an arena within which to explore myself and who I am. I let my inner alignment with my truth – and what feels good and right – guide me and revealto me the next right step. I strengthen my self-trust and courage so that I can confidently follow my path. I use the power of my mind to inspire me and allow for the gentle unfolding of my life path. I trust in the cycles of growth in my life, knowing that my destiny is to be the fulfillment of who I am. I listen to the signal that frustration gives me, knowing that my frustration is informing me that change is coming.

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