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Authority influences what you need and, in some cases, the timing to use your strategy effectively to help you make decisions. Depending on which software you use to generate your Human Design chart, there are many different ways to talk about Authority. All Generator Types have Sacral Authority. When you have Sacral Authority it means that your “gut” response in the moment is letting you know whether something is right for you or not. The biggest challenge with Sacral Authority is learning to trust your instinctual response. To learn more about Sacral Authority please read the Generator and Manifesting Generator Sections. In the name of keeping it simple, there are four other basic kinds of Authority; Self Authority, Emotional Authority, Splenic Authority and Ego Authority. Different Human Design software programs will list other kinds of authority but these variations are simply sub-categories of the three basic kinds of Authority.

1. Splenic Authority

Splenic Authority means that you are designed to know, in the moment, what feels right to you (or not). Your Splenic response means that you can be spontaneous with your decisions. You don’t need time to contemplate or “sit with” decisions. You will know what is true for you immediately.

Much like Sacral Authority, Splenic Authority is a “gut” level sense of what feels right or aligned. For those of you who are not Generator Types, Splenic Authority can help you make smaller decisions about your daily life choices.

For example, if you have Splenic Authority and you are at the health food store searching for a vitamin supplement, your Spleen might give you a “sense” of which vitamin is right for you.

Often we master Splenic Authority in hindsight. Splenic Authority is that feeling of “knowing” something is right or wrong and realizing, upon reflection, realizing you should have listened to yourself. With practice, you can begin to notice your Splenic Authority in the moment, allowing the wisdom and awareness of your intuition to guide you and give you essential insights about what you need.

2. Emotional Authority

If you have Emotional Authority, you are not designed to be spontaneous. You need time to make decisions and learning how to wait for clarity is essential to help you not experience disappointment in your life’s choices.

Emotional Authority can influence the way your Strategy for your Type works. Your Strategy for your Type is still essential, but if you have Emotional Authority, it means you have to check in with your Strategy and “sense” how you feel over time.

When you have Emotional Authority, you tend to have a lot of emotional energy. You are passionate and experience big feelings to various degrees depending on other aspects of your chart. This internal emotional energy makes it essential that you take your time to make decisions. It’s easy to leap into things in the moment when they feel good only to wake up the next day doubting whether you made the right choice. Waiting for clarity helps avoid some of the regrets you may have experienced in your life.

With Emotional Authority, your decision has to stay consistent over time. If you are all over the place with how you feel about your choice during the course of waiting for clarity, it’s probably not the right decision to make.

Here’s how this might look. Let’s say you get invited to speak at an event sponsored by a group that you like but you’re not crazy about. You love speaking but you don’t necessarily enjoy this particular group. When you get the invitation, you’re so excited to land a speaking gig, that you immediately accept the invitation. The next morning when you wake up, you question your decision and you have a small anxiety stomach ache from worrying about whether you did the right thing.

Over the next couple of days you try to talk yourself into believing that it was the right choice. You manage to stir up enthusiasm along the way but you can’t quite get your energy aligned with the opportunity. When you finally give the talk, several group members want to hire you, but they end up being clients you don’t really enjoy and you’re left continuing to feel obligated to do business in a way that doesn’t feel good to you.

If you had followed your Emotional Authority, when you got invited to speak, you might have answered, “Thank you. This sounds like a lovely invitation. I need to check my calendar and get back to you. When do you need to know my response?” Your answer would have bought you time to really check in with your feelings to see if this was the right choice for you and you would have been aligned with whatever felt correct.

The most important thing to remember with Emotional Authority is that your decision has to stay consistent over time. If you feel a “yes” in response to an opportunity, that “yes” has to stay true over the course of a couple of days. If you’re all over the place with your feelings, it’s not the right decision for you.

3. “Self” Authority

“Self” Authority is kind of a catch-all phrase for a few different, less common Authorities. If you have a chart that says, Self-Projected Authority, No Authority, No Inner Authority or Mental-Projected Authority, it simply means that you need to talk through your choices to get clarity.

You don’t need advice. You simply need a sounding-board, a good friend or someone you trust who can listen to you while you talk through your options. “Self” Authority is common for Projector Types and for all Reflector Types.

4. Ego Manifested Authority or Ego Authority

Ego Manifested Authority or Ego Authority means that you have a defined “Will Center” and you don’t have any of the other kinds of Authority.

Because the Will Center is about having sustainable energy and resources (or not!), if you have Ego Manifested Authority, it means that you won’t decide to do something unless you have the energy or the resources.

This can present a challenge sometimes because it means that you have to have healthy self-worth in order to be comfortable saying “no” to something if you don’t have the energy or the resources for it. If you’re in a pattern of trying to prove your worth by pleasing others, you may find that you have to strengthen your sense of value before you can truly follow the Authority of your Will Center.

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