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The Centers in the Human Design Chart

the Centers in the Human Design Chart

The first thing you will notice when you look at your chart is that there are nine geometric shapes. These shapes are called the nine Centers. Each Center carries and manages a certain frequency of energy and relates to specific themes in our lives.

As you can see from the image, the Centers are: Head, Ajna, Throat, G-Center (Identity/Self) Will, Spleen, Sacral, Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. If a Center is colored, then it is called Defined. A Defined Center has a consistent way of operating and is part of who you are. This is the energy that you radiate out into the world. It operates the same way energetically and thematically.

Your defined Centers represent aspects of your personality that are consistent and true about you all the time. It can be raining, Mercury can be in retrograde, Mars can disappear out of the solar system, but your definition always stays the same.

If a Center is white, then it is called Undefined or “open”. Open Centers are where we take in energy and information from the world around us. Not only do we absorb energies in our open Centers, we also amplify them. In our open Centers, we experience other people’s energies. It is in these open Centers that we have the potential for great wisdom, but also the potential for pain and confusion.

Undefined areas represent aspects of your personality that are inconsistent. Where you are undefined is where you take energy and information from other people. Not only do you absorb it, you amplify it.

For example, if you have an undefined emotional solar plexus (the triangle on the lower right-hand side of the body graph), you absorb other people’s emotions, and you feel them stronger than the person actually generating the feelings. Emotionally undefined individuals are empathic. With awareness, this empathy can be a great source of wisdom. Any center where you are undefined is potentially a great source of wisdom.

To illustrate my point, let me give you an example. I have an undefined emotional solar plexus. I hate going to movies because I bawl my eyes out every time. When I watched the movie, “Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron” (an animated movie about a horse), I cried so hard during the whole movie that my nine-year-old daughter got up and moved to another seat because she was so embarrassed by my behavior. Honestly, it wasn’t THAT sad a movie. What I now understand is that my open emotional system was taking in all the emotional energy in the theater and amplifying it. I was crying the tears for the people in the whole theater.

While not helpful at a movie, it is critical in my life. In my coaching practice, this aspect of being emotionally undefined is a great asset for me. When I am assessing my client’s emotional status, I KNOW what they are feeling because I am feeling it, too!

In another example, when I worked as a nurse, this was very exhausting for me because I didn’t understand my Human Design. I burned out very quickly because the emotional intensity was overwhelming and I would soak it up like a sponge. Now I use my emotional solar plexus as a screen, allowing all of that emotional information to pass through me. I don’t hold on to it (meaning claiming it as my own), and I don’t burn out.

Children who are emotionally undefined sometimes get labeled as being “dramatic”. What they are doing is taking in all the emotional energy from the people around them and acting it out. I often see emotionally undefined children labeled as “disturbed” when they are, in fact, acting out the emotional health of their family or even emotional drama in their parent’s marriage.

The beauty in the defined and undefined Centers and lies in the fact that individually we are all simply puzzle pieces — parts of a greater whole. We all become completely defined when we are all together. We each bring pieces that energetically unify us all and offer us the opportunity to express all the human experience.

You sense this when you go to a restaurant or a coffee shop. The designs of the customers and the staff blend together to make a collective aura.

Your definition comes from the position of the Gates and the planets at the moment of your birth. Wherever you have open energy in your chart, you take it in from the collective aura of the others in the coffee shop. Your energy and your definition (colored in parts of your chart) interact with other people’s energy and definition. You are imprinted with other people’s energies wherever you have openness in your chart.

There are nine Centers in the Human Design chart. Each Center is responsible for processing specific kinds of energies.

Centers are “defined” when they are “colored.” That means that these are energies that you carry and experience consistently and are a part of what you transmit out into the world.

What centers do you have defined?

“Open” Centers are white on your Human Design chart. Wherever you have openness in your chart is where you take energy in from others. You don’t just take it in, you amplify it, thus making your experience of these energies intense and powerful.

Because you experience openness from outside of yourself, your experience of these energies is inconsistent, variable, and you may often mistakenly think these energies belong to you instead of to others. The more openness you have in your chart, the more sensitive you are and the more potential you must become wise about the potential of the human experience.

Open Centers create predictable behavioral themes. These themes sometimes cause us to engage in self-defeating patterns and habits that hold you back from accessing the wisdom that your openness brings you. These themes also cause us to act out in the world in ways that are not in alignment with your True Self.

The Planets

Your Human Design chart represents the “outline” of your life story. Your Human Design Type is the role of the main character in your story. Your Profile represents some of your vital character traits. The Centers tells you how you interface with others, what gifts you bring and what you are designed to receive in your relationships.

The next part of your story, represented by the planets and the Gates in your chart, are going to tell you about the “curriculum” of your life, what you’re here to master, predominant themes you’ll encounter as you grow and mature and how these core traits set up the main challenges that your character has to master in order to step into the mature and wise expression of your story.

The Gates represent more subtle personality traits that make you who you are. The themes of the Gates are derived from the 64 Hexagrams from the Chinese I’Ching. Think of them as a modern interpretation of ancient archetypes that have been a source of contemplation and study for more than 2000 years.

Each Gate is highlighted by a planet. Each planet also has its own archetypal themes rooted in traditional astrology. As the planets move around the sun they shine their theme on each of the 64 Gates, creating a combination of energies that represent an essential part of your life and soul curriculum.

At the moment of your birth, the planetary positions (called the “conscious” part of your chart) and the Gates they highlighted are “locked” into place adding the black colored definition (filled in parts) to your chart.

Three months prior to your birth (approximately 88 Astrological degrees) the red planetary positions (called the “unconscious” part of your chart) and the Gates they highlighted are “locked” into place, adding the red colored (filled in parts) to your chart.

The black numbers and Gates represent the curriculum for your Soul’s Purpose in this life. The red numbers and Gates represent the curriculum for your Life Purpose in this lifetime. The combination of both represent your life lessons and challenges and make you who you are in your life story.

How you experience the energy of each Gate in your chart will be influenced by the
planet that is highlighting it. On your chart, each planet is demarcated by a little symbol that corresponds to its name [maybe put in a chart with this info?]. You can find these symbols along the right and left hand sides of your Human Design chart. Each Gate number is to the right of the symbol.

Understanding the planetary placement of each of the Gates can help illuminate the theme of the Gate that gets expressed. This section will help you add in lots of extra details to the story of who you are and why you’re here.

I recommend reading through this section about the planets in conjunction with the Gate descriptions from Chapter 6 to get a clearer picture of how these planetary themes play out for your unique chart. You’ll get an idea of how to weave these pieces of information together through the examples I provide for each of the planetary aspects and, ultimately, you’ll be using these combinations of planetary theme and Gate theme in crafting your unique story in the Life Purpose Template at the end of this book.


The Sun represents what you’re here to give the world through your life. It’s what you’re here to express and transmit. The Sun is a powerful energy and the Gates in your Sun are typically regarded as the most important (especially the Conscious, or black, Sun Gate).

Example: The Sun in Gate 39, The Gate of Provocation = You are here to use your provocative nature to help people restore their sense of abundance.


The Earth energy is what you need to be stable and grounded. These energies give you stability. They also launch you into the expression of our Sun energies. Make sure your Earth energies are met so you can share the gifts of your Sun! Example: The Earth in Gate 16, The Gate of Skills = You need to have ample opportunity to experiment and explore what makes you excited in life in order to be able to fulfill the purpose of the Sun position in your chart.


The Gates in your Moon are your driver energies. They are what give drive you to express the other energies in your chart. In other wor do. They offer additional detail for how you’ll implement the purpose that you see in your Sun and your Earth.

Example: The Moon in Gate 29, The Gate of Perseverance = You’re driven by your perseverance and your commitments in life, especially those that you’ve entered into via your Strategy and Authority. If you are unsure what to commit to or you’ve committed to the wrong thing, you may find that you lose your motivation and drive.

South Node & North Node

The South Node is the theme you’re mastering in the first half of your life, until about age 40, when the planet Uranus is directly opposite on the Astrological wheel, the position it was in at the moment of your birth. This is considered by many astrologers to be the “mid-life” in your life story where you mature your life purpose theme. We move from the South Node theme, which represents the theme of your youth, to your North Node theme, the theme of your mature self at this time. When you look at these energies ogether they will tell you a lot about the plot outline of the story of your life: what you’re here to learn and master and then how you live out the mature expression of your chart. Example: The South Node in Gate 57, The Gate of Intuition, and The North Node in Gate 43, The Gate of Insight = You’re meant to master your intuitive knowing in the Now and release any self-doubt and/or fear of the future. As you mature, you’ll use this intuitive knowing to determine the right timing for sharing new, empowered insights.


Mercury is the planet that tells you all about communication. It outlines what you’re herecto talk about, what you need to be able to communicate, and how you’re here to communicate it. If you are in sales or any communication field, this is an important energy to look at to help you find the consistent theme you’re here to explore and share with the world. Example: Mercury in Gate 8, The Gate of Contribution = You’re here to communicate with authenticity in order to bring about change, but only when recognized to do so.


Venus is where you carry your values. This, along with Mars, is also where you can find the energy you’re attracted to in your relationships, both romantic and otherwise. Example: Venus in Gate 32, The Gate of Continuity = You value knowing what’s valuable in life and are attracted to people who can see the value in you and your ideas (and vice versa).


The Gates in your Mars are another area where you’ll find lessons you are designed to master in your youth (like the South Node), but these are typically more challenging energies that support you fulfilling your South Node theme. And, as mentioned above, Mars also carries energies for attraction in relationships. Example: Mars in Gate 38, The Gate of The Fighter = Your early life is marked by struggles in mastering what’s worth fighting for as you seek purpose and meaning in your life. You’re attracted to people who fight for what is meaningful to them.


Jupiter represents the energy of blessings and rewards. It tells you about your pathway to your blessings and what you need to share with the world to receive these blessings. It also works in conjunction with Saturn, as I’ll detail below. Example: Jupiter in Gate 61, the Gate of Mystery = Your blessings arrive as a knowingness that transcends logic as well as the right timing and people with which to share this, often transformative, knowingness.


Saturn is your learning energy. Through the challenges that Saturn brings you, you are tested, pushed, and matured. Saturn is also associated with life cycles, like the Nodes, and these occur every 30 years or so beginning in your early 30s. When these times occur your Saturn challenge will be on the front burner and at the forefront of your awareness. The purpose of Saturn is to burn away anything keeps you from fulfilling your purpose. You must master the challenges of Saturn to live the full expression of who you are. And when you master these energies, you deepen your connection with your Jupiter blessings. So in this way your Saturn shows you the pathway and what must be mastered in order to receive your blessings. Example: Saturn in Gate 28, The Gate of Struggle = One of your biggest teachers in life will arrive in the form of challenges or struggles that help you ascertain the meaning of life and to discover what is really worth fighting for. When you master this energy you’ll learn to embrace and even find joy the challenges in life.


This planet shows us where we can be a little strange, different, or unique. Your Uranus placement represents an area of our life where we grow through encountering the unexpected. This energy helps teach us about faith. Because this energy is generational, it also can be where we see shifts in structures, infrastructures, and growth in our generation. It is a theme that helps you define what your generation is wrestling with in order to fulfill the full expression of the human story and to evolve. Example: Uranus in Gate 36, The Gate of Crisis = You are unique in your desires and drive for new, different experiences that help you grow. Your generation is learning to wait for the right timing to act on its desires.


The Gates highlighted by Neptune tell you what your spiritual purpose and what you need to deepen your spiritual connection. This energy can often feel hard to connect with and can seem “veiled” or intangible in nature. Neptune helps you understand what to do to stay spiritually connected. Example: Neptune in Gate 51, The Gate of Shock = You use the shocking or unexpected events of your life (or other people’s lives) to help you transform your relationship with Spirit and your spiritual path. Through these catalytic events you connect more deeply with Source.


Pluto is an energy that grows and expands following the shake up of the Uranus energies. It often follows a life, death and rebirth cycle. Example: Pluto in Gate 46 the Gate of the Love of Body = As I grow and change, my experience of being in a body and embodiment also changes. My experience of being a Soul in a body matures as I go through the cycles of my life.


Although Chiron is not technically a planet (it’s a planetoid discovered in 1978), I have found that understanding the Gates of your Chiron can help you deepen your awareness of what you need to master in your personal narrative in order to deepen your life purpose. Because it’s not a planet, it won’t show up colored in on your chart and some chart creation programs don’t include it. If you want a copy of your chart that includes your Chiron placement go to

Chiron is a theme that will keep repeating itself in your life every time you come to a new level of awareness and expression of yourself. (New level, same devil…so to speak!) It also has a maturing cycle around the age 50 (which is especially important for 6 th Line profiles as mentioned in Chapter 3).

It is a life purpose deepening energy. Once you’ve done it all, tried it all, and experienced it all, the theme of Chiron comes in to say “Now what are you going to do with all that?” Anything that stands in the way of your fulfilling your life purpose will come up during your Chiron cycle.

Example: Chiron in Gate 21, The Gate of The Treasurer = Your relationship with your material things and your money will continue to be at the forefront of your growth over time. As you master your need to control things and others, you and your other gifts become a valuable resource to others.

The Profiles

There are twelve different personality “Profiles” in the Human Design system. Your profile looks like a “fraction” on your Human Design chart. Each number in the profile is derived from the lines of the Gates in your conscious and unconscious Sun sign on your chart
human design personality types
We derive an individual’s profile from the lines of the Gates in his or her conscious and unconscious Sun sign. The Sun sign is the first sign on a chart under the “Design” and “Personality” columns. The Sun is represented by the following astrological symbol:
human design chart
The lines are the little numbers just to the right of the big numbers. They look like exponents or a number being raised “to the power of” in mathematics:
genetic matrix

Profiles tell you about major life themes that you will encounter, and they illustrate another way in which your personality interacts with the world. Your Type can be thought of as your “character”. Your profiles is your “role”. Knowing your profile can help you know what you need in order to move toward fulfilling your purpose.

Your profile helps you understand your learning style, what you need to feel secure in your decision making, how you relate to yourself and others and how you share your gifts with the world.

There are two numbers in a profile. Each number represents specific archetypical themes that influence your experience of the world. The numbers in your profile inform you about what’s necessary in order to feel confident and strong in creating a life you love and in making good decisions.

These two numbers operate in conjunction with each other. The needs of both of the archetypes in your profile have to be met in order for you to feel at peace with your life and your choices.

Human Design shows us that growth often involves mastering challenges and finding ways to harmonize between the different parts of yourself. Many of the archetypes within the two lines of a profile present a conundrum – two different energy themes that seem to be at odds with each other. It is in finding ways to work with both of these themes in your life that you can deepen your self-mastery, resilience and self-acceptance.

When you live the highest expression of the two lines in your profile, then you will see that both of these archetypes in your profile can complement each other and support you in fulfilling your life purpose.

Definitions of the Lines

Here are basic definitions for each of the six Profile Lines:

Line 1 – The Investigator needs information and feels safe when they have data. (The internet was created for the First Line profiles.)

Line 2 – The Hermit needs alone time to integrate. Second lines need space to feel good and grounded. Others will always find the Hermit when they hide and call them back out into life.

Line 3 – The Experiential Learner needs to experiment with their ideas and to be allowed to “make mistakes” without judgment. There is no getting it “wrong” for the Third line, only figuring out what works based on their understanding of what doesn’t work.

Line 4 – The Opportunist builds a foundation of friendships and needs to network as well as share. Fourth Lines need people to accept them for who they are; they need to know what’s next and be prepared to feel safe. (Fourth line Profiles don’t do “limbo” well.)

Line 5 – The Teacher is here to teach whatever they’ve experienced in life. They are Karmic Mirrors and are often subject to the projections of others because other people see through their relationships with the Fifth Line profiles what they need to heal the most. Fifth lines need to trust that you will see the truth about them to feel safe and can sometimes hide their truth very deeply when you first get to know them.

Line 6 – The Role Model is the embodiment of what they are here to share with the world. Sixth Lines need to walk their talk. The Sixth line goes through three distinct life phases. The first phase (birth until 30) is a youthful phase of experimentation and experiential learning. The Second phase (30-50) is a long cycle of integration and studying. The final phase (50+) is a cycle of living what they’ve learned. Sixth lines need to feel that what they are participating in is worth their effort to find meaning and energy in life.

The Reflector

Reflector themes - human design
Mirror, Community, Right Place, Timing, Sensitivity

Measure and reflect the energy in the community

Wait before making decisions, pay attention (wait 28 days)


Takes time to make choices

Trusting that certainty, truth, and solution are more important than anything else.

Less than 1% Reflectors

Reflecting the health and alignment of the people around them.

Reflectors are a minority—around 1% of the population are Reflector types. Reflectors have all Centers “open” and their chart looks almost “empty.”

Reflectors are fully open to the world and to others. Because there are no defined centers by design, Reflectors take in the energy of everybody else, seeing the world through others eyes, sampling a frequency of energy and reflecting it back to the other.
Reflectors are like a mirror, and the reflection of other people continually change their perception. One instant you may feel extremely emotional while the next moment it’s gone. You may then get all the ideas and a sound sense of knowing where you’re going in life, and then it’s gone again, and so forth. That’s why it’s very essential for you carefully choose your friends and partners; they will have a huge impact on your feelings and experience of yourself.

Reflectors have considerably different life experiences that all of the other Types. So, sometimes they may feel alone and misunderstood. Reflectors can also suffer deep disappointment when having to wait and live through the energy of others.

This type of emotion causes Reflectors to require more attention than most all other people (and Types). Because of this, at times they may feel inadequate and think that they don’t fit anywhere.

The most uncomfortable thing for Reflectors is pressure, especially the pressure to make decisions. For them, it’s the most unnatural thing, because Reflectors don’t necessarily make decisions. They experience a choice or decision over a cycle of the Moon (29 days). It’s not the same as making a decision with the mind. Reflectors have to experience their choice inside of themselves over time. Going through the entire cycle gives them the power to be able to realize solutions and right choices.

Common Traps or Challenges

Reflectors, with their openness and taking in other people’s definition, must wait 29 days before making any major decisions – no matter how certain they feel about something in the moment.

For Reflectors, you have to be in the right geographical location, the place that feels good and like “home” for your life to feel “right.” When you are in the right place, you meet the right people, are part of the right community, and your life feels aligned. Under these circumstances, making decisions can feel easier and less disappointing.
Total openness may make you, at times almost invisible to others. Not knowing the mechanics of your design, you, Reflector may feel deeply disappointed in life. But that very openness grants the potential for a great wisdom and insight into the potential for humanity (and yourself) if you learn how to work with it correctly.

Reflectors often struggle with “merging” in their personal relationships if they don’t understand the nature of their openness and their capacity for deep empathy. Sometimes the life of a Reflector can get “hijacked” by the energy of the people surrounding them, and they can lose their own direction in life.

Consistency is vital for the Reflector. Reflectors need to have people whose aura they know. It is common for Reflectors to have lifelong friends and to even have trouble disentangling themselves from the energy of their parents (their family of origin) simply because Reflectors experience so much inconsistently. The consistency of the people they know makes them feel safe.

Reflectors, because of the length of time it takes for them to have clarity, don’t transition quickly and need time to make major life changes such as leaving home, moving, starting a new job, even getting married.


What Reflectors must know and logically understand is that any kind of pressure they experienced is detrimental to their health. By taking the time to make important decisions and knowing that the time spent on considering their resolves is how their success is completed, they will realize how vital it is to keep from letting anyone pressure them.

Reflectors are lunar beings, tied to the lunar cycle, so their Strategy (and sometimes the challenge) is to wait 29 days before making any major decisions. During the 29 days, Reflectors should talk with different people about decisions. As a Reflector, you need to have people in your life who will serve as your sounding board, not because you need advice (you don’t), but because you need to hear yourself talk about what you are feeling about your choices.

Life for you is an objective experience. As you move through life, discovering the truth of “this isn’t me” over and over again, your openness may be energetically exhausting so it is important to have your own space where you can relax. The same goes concerning rest and sleep. The Reflector has an undefined Sacral; go to bed as soon as you begin to feel tired and if possible, sleep alone.

When centers are open, it doesn’t mean they are broken or empty. Your mind can easily judge your characteristics as something bad or wrong, but Reflectors carry in their being a deep potential to know the possibilities for humanity. This can be a beautiful thing.

Emotional Theme

Reflectors have the capacity to sense, feel, and know the full potential of the people and the communities around them. Their Open-ness gives them deep awareness and wisdom about what is possible for the world. It is disappointing for the Reflector to know what’s possible and see that the world isn’t fulfilling its full potential. Disappointment also comes because the speed of the world and the Reflector’s need for ample time to make clear and good decisions don’t always match.

When a Reflector fails to take their time in deciding and struggles to find their own energy in the midst of the energy that they are experiencing from others, it’s easy for a Reflector to feel pressured into making a choice quickly. (And, of course, collectively we have little patience for people who need time for clarity.)

Consequently, Reflectors can leap into decisions too quickly and then feel disappointed with the long-term consequences of their decisions.

Because of a Reflector’s deep capacity to know and connect with the people they love, they prefer to surround themselves with people they’ve been with for a long time. Many Reflectors also prefer the company of children because the purity of their energy is comforting to Reflectors, who are often disappointed by humanity.


Reflectors need people because they are non-energy beings and depend on the energetic connections that others provide them. But, they also need their alone time so that they may discharge energy that they’ve absorbed through the nine Open Centers.

There are certain things to remember if you are in a relationship with a Reflector as they discharge others’ energy that is in their system.

    • Love them as they are; don’t try to change them, and appreciate their very important role for humanity.
      Reflectors need space, give them the space and time to be themselves.
    • Allow them to manage their energy; don’t pressure or push them.
    • Honor their long decision-making sequences.
    • Let them speak as Reflectors need to hear their issues and feelings reflected back to them through you.
    • Help them recognize when the environment is not healthy for them.
    • Understand that they may need you more than you need them.
    • Know that you will see the truth about yourself through them, be okay with that revelation.
    • Don’t take their disappointments personally; it’s their nature, their emotion.

Reflectors can easily “merge” with the people around them. In relationships, they can easily “match” their partners. It is easy for Reflectors to not realize that they are giving up their own needs and wants because they have lost their energetic connection to themselves and their own needs.

Reflector Children

Reflector children present a unique set of challenges for parents. Raising a Reflector requires patience, love, and an awareness that your Reflector child may need more attention and energy that your other children.

The first thing Reflector children need is consistency. Because so much of the Reflector experience is variable, the consistency of the auras of friends, loved ones, and caregivers is vital. They need to know who they can trust, who will be steady and unchanging in the changing energy experience of the Reflector.

This need for consistency can make the Reflector child appear to be “clingy” or “needy.” Reflector children need consistent caregivers and very few major life changes, especially at the beginning of their lives.

Transitions and change can be very hard for the Reflector child; they need more time than most children to adjust to change. Cataclysmic changes (for instance, divorce) can leave a Reflector child reeling for a long time. Managing change is easier for the Reflector child if you are patient and understanding. Also, do your best to establish a new foundation in their lives as quickly as possible.

If you are a person who struggles with consistency and routine, it may deeply impact your Reflector child. Setting routines and sticking to them helps the Reflector child feel safe and stable.

Reflector children are deeply emotionally sensitive and can often react to major events that happen on the planet. One Reflector child I know who lived in Boston had a very emotional breakdown a day before the Boston Marathon bombing and was inconsolable for more than a week. Sometimes Reflector children benefit from getting energy work by skilled practitioners to help the release the energy that they hold in their bodies.

Reflector children need to feel good in their space. They need their own room and where they live needs to feel right for them. Reflector children, once they are seven or older (when the aura is mature), fare better sleeping in their own room, away from others. This gives their energy field time to decompress and release the energy of others.

Because Reflectors have an open Sacral Center, some Reflector children will struggle with hard physical chores. The best way to help a Reflector get things done is to do it with them. This can sometimes even be true for homework and other activities.

Finally, Reflector children talk a lot and need to talk to know what they’re thinking and feeling. As a parent of a Reflector, you need to allow your child the freedom to dump out their thoughts and resist the urge to give them advice or guidance unless they ask you. They’re not asking for guidance. They are simply talking to get clarity. If you give them guidance without being asked, it will trigger their own tendency towards feeling inadequate, or they will feel controlled.

Like the Projector and Manifestor types, Reflectors do not have “sustainable energy.” Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have that type of energy. So, with Reflectors, they are not wired to “work” a typical job sustainably, which may be an issue in relationships and in earning a living.

While Reflectors can amplify a lot of power and seemingly have a lot of intense energy, they cannot sustain that energy over time. They need cycles of rest and renewal like all open Sacral Types.

Their need to talk and their need to take time to make good choices can sometimes cause them pain in the workplace. Once they are recognized for their empathy and the awareness they bring to the workplace, they can assume their right role of reflecting the health of the business and serve as the powerful barometers that they are.

Reflectors in the workplace can be visionaries and can express the potential of the business as they carry the awareness of what’s possible in their energy field.

There are three main factors to staying healthy if you are a Reflector.
You need to be in an environment that feels good to you, and the people in your environment need to be healthy. Because you are so sensitive to others and the experience of others, if you are in an environment where people aren’t making healthy choices, that will deeply impact you.

You need good sleep and rest. Like all non-Sacral Types, Reflectors sleep best alone and need to be in the energy of their own aura at night to stay vital and to replenish their energy. Reflectors need to be in bed before they are tired and rest in a prone position until they fall asleep.

You need to take your time to make the decisions that are right for you. If you feel pressured to decide before you’re ready, it may end up being the wrong choice and the pressure and struggle to try to feel “right” about the decision can deeply impact your physical and emotional health.


Much like with health, so much of the Reflector experience with wealth depends on the environment in which they surround themselves. Your ability to create wealth and be in the flow of abundance will be influenced deeply by the people with whom you associate and where you live your life. You need to be in an environment that offers you the wealth of abundant energy.

A Reflector can make more money and create a strong financial foundation when they take their time to make good choices. Fast-paced money-making strategies don’t always play out well for the Reflector because they need time to make good choices. Take your time and invest in opportunities that afford you the time to wait to be clear before you must invest.

Because Reflectors are non-Sacral beings, meaning they need to consciously save and create a financial cushion for themselves to support them when they need a cycle of rest in their life. Starting young with a powerful saving strategy benefits the Reflector the most.

Spiritual Themes

Reflectors are here to be our Karmic Mirrors. Their life experience and their reflection to us reveals where we are in our evolutionary process. The Reflectors in our lives show us how close we are to fulfilling our potential and let us know the emotional maturity and alignment we are experiencing by living it and demonstrating it in their own reflected experience.

The heart of the Reflector carries within it the potential for our optimal evolution and the story of what else is possible for humanity.

Famous Reflectors include Sandra Bullock, Uri Geller and Roslyn Carter.

Affirmations for the Reflector:

I am a karmic mirror. Through my experience and my expression of the energy around me I reflect back to others their potential and their misalignment. Through my reflection, others can see what they need to bring back into alignment to fulfill their path. I understand the depth of the potential of possibility for humanity. I know that it is not my job to fix the world but to simply mirror back the current energies. I trust in Divine timing and I know that with time, the potential of the world will be fulfilled. I am patient and honoring of myself. I give myself the time I need to make right choices and to place myself in the right location with the right people. I trust my inner sense of feeling at “home” in the place where I belong and I stay aligned with where I feel most at home.

The Projector

projector themes human design type
Guidance, Wisdom, Intuitive, Sensitive, Sharing

Manage others

Wait to be invited


Self- mastery upon receiving invitation

Waiting to receive the right invitation, giving away intellectual property

21% Projectors

Manage and guide and direct others.

If you are a Projector, you are not here to work. You are here to know others, to recognize them, to direct and guide them. But that can only happen if you yourself are

    1. Recognized and
    2. Invited to do so.

Projectors can become the natural managers and leaders of the world. Projectors do not carry energy in their own personal energy field, but absorb the energies of others and manage it. Projectors have to wait to be recognized and invited into the major events in life, such as love relationships, career and right place (where they live).

Common Traps or Challenges

The biggest challenge for Projectors is energy. Projectors don’t have a lot of sustainable energy for working in the traditional way we think of as “work”. They need to structure their business in a way that allows for significant cycles of rest and restoration.

Because hard work doesn’t serve the Projector’s purpose, learning how to leverage knowledge is important.

Projectors have a deep energy need for recognition. They often compromise their value for being “seen” and recognized. To many Projectors, being “seen” and recognized, even if it’s for the “wrong” thing feels better than waiting for people to notice the value that they carry.

Projectors must value themselves enough to structure their business to be paid for their ideas, insights, and consulting. It’s easy for the Projector to give their intellectual property away- for free.

Projectors struggle with being heard or having ideas stolen. It’s counterintuitive, but learning to wait until someone asks is often the most profitable strategy for the Projector. It makes for an interesting way to do business and life.

When things don’t go as planned or the recognition feels slow in coming, the Projector can experience bitterness. Managing the bitterness is crucial as, if it is not kept in check, it can repel people instead of attracting them. This takes a lot of self-mastery, patience, and trust in the abundance of the Universe.

If an invitation feels good for a Projector and is accepted, an enormous amount of energy and power is channeled into that situation, which may be used to manage others and all the world.

The challenge for the Projector is to trust that the right invitations will come to them and to wait for those invitations. Sometimes Projectors wait months or years for the right invitation. To influence the speed at which Projectors can receive invitations, they need two things:
1. The energy to implement the invitation
2. The Self-Worth to wait for the invitation that is truly honoring of their gifts and talents

Compromising on these two factors can lead to burnout and often the emotional theme of bitterness.

Projectors, for all their wisdom, can have a frustrating and debilitating life process if they try to push themselves to initiate action. A Projector simply does not have the energy to “just do it;” if they try to initiate like a Manifestor or work steadily like a Generator, they will burn themselves out very quickly.

Because they are “non-energy” types and they are not here to work steadily like the Generator Types, the Projector Types may receive a lot of judgment from others. They may be perceived as “lazy” when, in fact, it is literally unhealthy for these Types to initiate any kind of action or to work at the wrong kind of jobs on a steady basis. They usually can’t sustain the energy flow on their own.

Projectors are here to deeply understand others. Projectors can be powerful resources if they are recognized and used properly. A Projector can, simply by watching another energy Type, intuitively know how that other person can maximize their energy and their potential. This makes them natural coaches and mentors. Projectors are here to be recognized and invited by others.


If you’re a Protector, your strategy is to wait for an invitation to the important areas of life (relationships, work, et cetera). If your authority says yes, then you can really share your gifts and guidance. To be invited means that you are seen and recognized for your values. If you don’t wait for an invitation or the energy of invitation, you meet resistance.

Through your open centers, you take others in deeply. You take in other people’s definition, and you clearly see who they are. Your aura focuses on the very core of their being, and you recognize others. But if you try to guide others without being invited to do so, you meet resistance, or feel that no one really sees you; no one recognizes you. Out of that comes a deep feeling of bitterness, often mixed with exhaustion.

Projectors fear that they will not be invited. However, if you follow your Strategy of waiting for the invitation, what happens is that your aura’s frequency starts to change. The more you live according to your design, the more invitations you get. This will bring you SUCCESS. Once invited, you don’t need to wait for any more invitations regarding whatever you were invited to (project, job, relationship, et cetera). Just follow your Authority in doing what you do and don’t initiate.

The invitation, the correct entry into anything, is the key. The feeling of being recognized, appreciated, heard, and seen. Is it there? Great. If not, you may stop talking in mid-sentence and save yourself yet one more disappointment of not being understood.

Your openness can be energetically exhausting, so it is important to have your own space to relax. The same advice regarding sleeping applies to you as to everyone else with an undefined Sacral: go to bed as soon as you begin to feel tired and if possible, sleep alone (see Manifestors for details).

While the natural role (and instinct) of the Projector is to “manage, guide and direct others,” the Projector can only do so effectively when others want to be managed, guided, and directed! Projectors are the eternal students of humanity and system masters. You need to have a system through which you can relate and understand life.

As mentioned at the beginning, most people don’t like to be given advice or told what to do if they haven’t first asked for that advice or guidance. Projectors who are not using their energy—and their inherent wisdom—correctly are often perceived as:

  • Pushy
  • Bossy
  • Nosy
  • Annoying or irritating
  • Bitter
  •  Ignored and literally not heard when they speak

Projectors who use their energy CORRECTLY are respected and sought-after for their knowledge, talent, and guidance.

Emotional Theme

The BEST approach for a Projector is to wait to be asked or invited before sharing their advice, opinion, feedback, guidance, or direction. When someone asks, that is an indication that he or she wants the guidance and inherent wisdom of that Projector. (Even if that person is completely unaware that they are asking a Projector, that person is unconsciously reacting to the Projector’s energetic configuration). That person will then hear and appreciate the value of the Projector’s input because they were open to receiving it.

The NEXT BEST approach for the Projector is to at least wait for some recognition and an opening in which to speak. Make eye contact and wait to sense an opportunity to speak without barging into a conversation or seeming pushy or overbearing. When using this NEXT BEST approach, the most effective way for a Projector to begin is to say something like:

I have some experience that may be helpful to you, would it be all right if I share it with you?
• I have some insights about that, may I tell you about them?
• Perhaps I could be of help, would you mind if I try?

You still may not get the response that is a clear invitation, but this at least gives the Projector a tiny opening to moving their powerful wisdom out into the world.


Projectors in relationships need recognition and attention. It all starts at the very beginning of the relationship. Correct relationships for Projectors have to start with an invitation. Projectors need to be invited into a relationship to make the energy flow work. Once a Projector is invited into a relationship, they can simply enjoy being in the relationship. The right initiating energy sets the tone for the relationship.

If you’re a Projector in love, you need to be with your partner, but you also need alone time to maintain and sustain your energy. You may even find that you feel better when you sleep alone in your own aura. Because, as a Projector, you experience sexual energy from outside of yourself and often in a variable way, you may find that it feels like your partner controls or limits that aspect of your relationship. Conversely, you may also find that sometimes you simply don’t have the energy for sex or intimacy. This is probably not personal or a function of the relationship, just simply a sign that you need some alone time for regeneration and renewal.

If you love a Projector, when you are the recipient of a Projector’s incorrect use of their energy and wisdom, it is easy to feel irritated, turned off, and even repelled. This is normal. Even Projectors can feel turned off and repelled by other Projectors! However, you will miss the wisdom and advice that may very well benefit you. Now that you understand a little about Projectors, the best thing YOU can do is:

• Recognize that their intention is to be helpful.
• Recognize that they are inherently wise and usually have valuable input.
• Recognize that they are simply not using their energy correctly.
• Don’t take it personally.
• If you’re so inclined, give them attention and energy.
• Invite them to share their ideas with you.
• If you just want to get away from them, get out of their aura for a while and then ask for their opinion or guidance the next time you see them—before they offer it.

Projectors have a life purpose of managing and guiding others in their process of creation. Projectors are inherently intuitive and wise about others. A Projector can watch Manifestors, Generators, and Manifesting Generators and instantly be conscious of what needs to happen to make their impact more effective and easier. This is a natural and intricate part of the Projector personality. If you watch young children Projectors, they manage their parents and their peers with great awareness as well as clarity. This can often earn them the reputation of being “bossy,” controlling, or a “know it all.”

The reason this inherent wisdom is constantly misunderstood is because collectively we don’t know how to make the most of the energy of the Projectors.

Projector Children

Projector children need to show their value over and over and over again. The greatest gift you can give your Projector is a sense of their own inner wisdom and value. Projector children need to be taught to wait for recognition. The child also needs to learn to trust that when her she is quiet and waiting for the right people who truly value who they are, the Projector can then freely share what it is they know and have to offer. 

Projector children need invitations and, as a parent, you may need to facilitate invitations for them. You may even need to help them find jobs and opportunities for your teens because it can be very challenging (and incorrect) for Projectors to go out and find work.

Projectors don’t have the same quality of energy as other Types. That means it isn’t always easy for them to do chores that require lots of physical work, like mowing the yard. Find chores that suit the Projector nature. Your Projector children will thrive if you give them the opportunity to organize and manage your family.

Your Projector child may find that “regular” life is taxing and exhausting. You might need to slow down your life and find ways for your Projector to replenish their energy on a weekly basis. For instance, it’s not healthy for the Projector child to be deeply committed to lots of after-school activities. Sports and physical activities may be limited for the Projector, and they may tire more easily than other children.


The Projector Strategy is to wait to be invited into the big opportunities in life. These big invitations come infrequently, every two to three years. Big opportunities are things like love, marriage, moving, getting a new job, etc. In between the big invitations, Projectors don’t have to wait for small things such as going to a movie or going out to eat. Projectors don’t need to wait for anything except big invitations; waiting for those is an important part of helping the Projector find the place in life where they are valued and loved for who they really are.

Projectors are not here to manage and guide everyone. They have their own group of people or “tribe” who waits to be managed by them. To find their “people,” Projectors have to be recognized or invited into sharing their wisdom.

In a society where we are taught to go out and make life happen, waiting for recognition and invitations from others can feel like a painful and agonizingly slow process. Because Projectors are often trained to act differently than their true nature, they can get very busy pushing people to see and recognize them. They often miss the true invitations that come their way because they’re too busy doing what they’ve been trained that they “need” to or “should” by others.


Pushing and forcing will never have a positive outcome for Projectors. In fact, pushing and forcing will always have the opposite effect and lead to burnout. The more a Projector attempts to push, force, or struggle their way into being “seen” or recognized, the more invisible they become.

Not only that, Projectors have a very finite amount of energy, and are not meant to work in the traditional way work is designed. If pushed into situations that don’t recognize inherent, intuitive gifts, or involves hard physical labor, Projectors will burnout.

Projectors can’t make life work for them if they follow the standard definitions of what it takes to be successful in life, although Projectors can be powerful and very successful. (For example, President Obama and President Kennedy are both Projectors.)

When Projectors push or force, they push people away rather than attracting them. Because working hard isn’t really an option for the limited energy of the Projector, no matter how hard they try, the Projector can often feel that life isn’t “fair” and become bitter.

Projectors must go to bed and relax before they’re tired. The nature of how energy works requires the discharge of energy that was stored through the day.

In addition, because very few Projectors are taught how to properly access energy, of all the groups, they can often be the most challenged when it comes to abundance.


There are two key factors in creating abundance for the Projector. First of all, the most important thing that a Projector has to master is their own sense of worth and value. A Projector has to wait to be recognized by the right people, the people who value and see them for the gifts they bear. If a Projector is not sitting and waiting for the right people because they question their own value, it makes them bitter, and ultimately causes them to “waste” their wisdom and energy on people who don’t value who they are.

Projectors who value themselves enough to wait for the right people to give them invitations are powerfully compelling and frequently turn invitations away. A Projector who values themselves is an abundance magnet.

Secondly, when a Projector learns to trust the abundant trajectory of the Universe and can wait comfortably for the right invitation to arrive, they conserve their precious energy and feel vibrant, vital, and ready for the invitations when they manifest. Burned out Projectors, on the other hand, sometimes turn down good invitations if they’ve wasted their energy pursuing what’s not right for them.

When a Projector is living their wealth theme, they are serving as “midwives” to the world. They guide, coach, and nurture others into fulfilling their roles as initiators and builders. Projectors truly tend to the template of the evolution of the world in every aspect. When Projectors are serving in this capacity, they are strong and powerful blessings to the world around them. They are then magnets for abundant opportunities.

When Projectors first learn their Strategy of waiting for invitations, they often have to dramatically align their current life. Sometimes Projectors have to maintain their “day job” because they need the money. It can be tricky to keep the traditional flow of income and to simultaneously shift to waiting for the right thing to arrive.

It is important for Projectors to do whatever they can do to stay out of the bitterness (the emotional theme of the Projector). While they’re waiting, Projectors need to stay in their joy and follow their bliss. It’s not unusual for Projectors to take a deep dive into what brings them joy only to find that their next invitation is deeply aligned with the joy they’ve been pursuing!

Projectors are gifted at knowing others, not so good at knowing themselves. Sometimes Projectors will benefit from having a good friend with whom they can talk not because they need advice, but because they have to see their decisions in the context of someone else for them to know what is right for them. Talking helps a Projector “see” themselves and can be crucial to help them get clarity before making a big decision.

Self-care, rest, restoration, and working on self-worth and value are the most important things Projectors can do to activate their abundance blueprint. When Projectors feel energized and valuable, they transform, not only their loved ones and themselves, but ultimately the world around them. The truth is that Projectors need more attention and energy from other people than any of the other Types.

Spiritual Themes

Projectors truly serve as the “midwives” of the future. They have a deep inner sense of what’s possible for the world and know how to direct the necessary energy to bring the non-tangible into form.

They are energy wizards and are, on an unconscious level, constantly realigning and managing the energy flow of the world. This work goes way beyond the tangible physical work of the Generator and Manifestor Types. This is energy, and the Projector keeps the energy grid of creation in place.

Projectors often report being “tired all the time” even when they do “nothing.” A Projector is never doing “nothing.” They are in a constant state of holding together the energy grid of the world. Because Projectors know energy so well, they are often involved in energy healing and service-based professions. They are natural healers and helpers.

Many Projectors are magnetic, charismatic recipients of amazing invitations. Ringo Starr is a Projector. He was literally “invited” to join The Beatles after one of the original band members left the band. Other famous Projectors include Barak Obama, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, Mick Jagger, Osho, Woody Allen, Barbara Streisand, Liz Taylor, Lance Armstrong, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci, Fidel Castro, Shirley MacLaine, James Joyce, Brad Pitt, John F. Kennedy, Hugh Hefner, Karl Marx, and Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Chris Brown.

Affirmations for the Projector:

I am a powerful resource for the world. My intuition, my insights, my awareness and my knowledge help manage and guide the energy of the world, and the next phase of growth and evolution on the planet. What I have to offer the world is so powerful, necessary and valuable, that I recognize that I am carrying the seeds of evolution within my being. I wait for the right opportunities that reflect the value of what I carry and bring into the world. When the opportunity is correct and I am valued, I share my knowledge and wisdom and facilitate the work necessary to build the next phase of the human story. In between opportunities, I rest and replenish my energy so that I’m ready to serve when I am called again.